Study in Switzerland

The structure of higher education in Austria is similar to the rest of the Europe. The country provides great diversity and cultural richness. It is a great experience both historically and culturally. The Australian institutions offer varied programs starting from research-based courses, arts courses and programs in applied sciences. The economic stability, social security and great hospitality of Austrians is what attracts the international students. Austria has high standards of living. It has a thriving tourism industry, beautiful scenery and is a fascinating historical landmark

Switzerland at a Glance

Switzerland is known as the mountainous Central European country besides being the home to several picturesque villages, lakes, and of course the high peaks of the Alps. The cities here comprises of medieval quarters, having the landmarks including Zytglogge Clock Tower found in the capital Bern and the wooden chapel bridge in Lucerne. Switzerland is an ideal place for its ski resorts and hiking trails. The finance and banking sector has its dominance in this country apart from being famous for the Swiss watches and chocolates that remain world renowned. All these factors make Switzerland a perfect destination for higher studies.

Why Study in Switzerland ?

With Switzerland, the international study experience you get is like no other. It has several cantonal universities apart from the top two Institutes of Technology known for their state of art facilities. Besides, the country has several colleges that are spread all across the nation for accommodating the increasing number of local and global students. As of now, more than 50,000 students are present all across the world, which comprises the total 20 percent of Switzerland’s total student population. The Swiss Management programs are world famous apart from the quality hospitality programs offering lucrative job offers. Quality living and affordable education cost, lots of scholarship from government and universities, 15 hours a week part time work options, picturesque surroundings and cool & calm environment make Switzerland an ideal destination for overseas education.

Universities and Programs

Popular Universities

  • International University in Geneva
  • EU Business School, Montreux and Geneva
  • Hotel & Tourism Management Institute Switzerland (HTMi), Lucerne
  • Business & Hotel Management School (BHMS),Lucerne
  • University of Management, Eonomics & Finance (UMEF),Geneva

Popular Courses

  • International Business Management
  • F&B and Restaurant Management
  • Hotel & Design Management
  • Luxury Marketing
  • Culinary Pastry & Banking
  • Enterpreneurship
  • Event management
  • Resort & Spa Management
  • Hospitality Management

Qualifying Exams & Coaching

Switzerland Education Cost

The annual tuition fee (average) for the international students in Switzerland is in between £650 to £1,000, which will depend upon the kind of programs you choose or university/college you have selected. For instance, the University of Italian Switzerland the highest, which is £2,600 per annum.


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